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WM Capital operates in the development of the Business Format Franchising in reference to the Multimedia industry with AZ Franchising and to the Pharmaceutical industry through the Alexander Dr. Fleming society.

The business model of WM Capital is characterized by implementing strategic levers that speed up the development of the franchising format. In particular, there are five factors upon which the WM Capital's experience is focused on and they determine the success of a franchising network:

  • Brand equity. The brand represents a fundamental element of the franchising network, both in terms of imagine and accounting; it represents the qualities and the features that contribute to define a company;
  • Process engineering in the franchising network: it concerns to transfer models of experiences from the franchisor to the franchisees;
  • Continuous training. It is an efficiency tool managed by the franchisor to transfer values and business target to the franchisee;
  • Research. The research activity treated by the franchisees is necessary to obtain a success network.
  • Evaluation of the profitability (value chain). It is a valuable element of the network that allows the franchising evaluation.
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