We multiply the value of successful ideas
Business Format Franchising starts in USA in the 40s. Unlike the traditional structure, the modern franchising formula overtakes the simple brand disposal and the know-how transmission and the franchisor offers a wide set of tested services that allows the reproduction of a franchising system of success.
Business Format Franchising consists of a business formula that allows to replicate the successof a franchise network and includes a set of techniques, strategies and know-how. Moreover it includes a training for the members and a continue support of the network. These types of franchising evolve thanks to the success of the first retail store and especially thanks to the entrepreneur's abilities of summarizing and making systematic the successful elements of his business formula to extend it.

The main economic advantages of Business Format Franchising:

  • Global brand awareness
  • Possibility of fast growth with minimal investments
  • Steady revenues over the years thanks to the franchising formula
  • Learning market trends and needs through franchisees
  • Growth in the purchasing power of the network and the business in line with the volume growths
  • Limited financial risk of the franchisor
  • Development and growth in the domestic and international markets by limiting risks and costs
  • Wealth multiplier through entrepreneurship and innovations coming from the franchisees
  • Unlimited replication potential of a successful format
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